Current Research Focus

Research in the Davidson Laboratory is focused on inherited genetic diseases that cause central nervous system dysfunction, with a focus on (1) recessive, childhood onset neurodegenerative disease, such as the lysosomal storage diseases mucopolysaccharidoses and Battens disease; and (2) dominant genetic diseases, specifically CAG repeat disorders, Huntington’s disease and spinal cerebellar ataxia, and (3), understanding how noncoding RNAs participate in neural development and neurodegenerative disease processes.

Recent News and Publications

Hoppy's Hope raised $40,000 for a second year in row for Huntington's disease research! Half will go towards Dr. Beverly Davidson's work at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and half will go to Dr. Pedro Gonzalez-Alegre's studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Thank you Hoppy's Hope for helping us to continue our work towards discovering therapies for HD!

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